Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finovate: Jemstep

The last demo of the day here at Finovate. Ready for a beer. And unfortunately technology is failing us. I hope the clock isn't ticking down.

Help investors make better investment decisions. If you had 10k to put in mutual fund, how would you find the best fund for you? Will your broker find you the best objective information. Or will the web provide you something personalized?

The demo - James is going to invest for the first time. He does some simple setup of his objectives, Clean and easy looking. And he can look at a recommendation he received from his uncle.

The funds James sees in results are tailored to him. Its not just a standard list. There is the usual info presented prettily plus a Jemscore. This score takes into account not just fund performance, but his own personal circumstances and preferences. The background behind the score is given to him, showing why other funds are a better fit for him.

Behind the scenes there is powerful ranking engine which uses personalization at all stages. As the consumer gets more sophisticated in his investment capabilities, he can control more aspects of the profile and therefore how the ranking engine personalizes his recommendations.

This bringing personalization helping you to assess the funds now and in the future they'll offer stocks and exchange traded funds

A clear, clean, nice demo. Good work!

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Unknown said...

Hi Phil

Thanks for the kind words. We felt Finovate went really well for us and it was a pleasure meeting you after the show. We'll be releasing beta soon as well as some exciting features. Thanks again.


Phil Ayres said...

Hi Kevin,

It was great to meet you. I hope you get some great traction from the show, with all the effort you must have put in.

I'm looking forward to seeing the beta and the new features.