Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finovate: Cross Commerce Media

Massive innovation in how to create a new revenue stream with something you already do.

Apparently a bunch of people want to receive their bank statements on paper in the mail (really?!). So why don't you start advertise to people through the bank statement? Take the transactional mail (the statement), and put personalized messages into the envelope. It tracks the follow through from this back to the online website to track the digital engagement.

How do they do this? Still not sure. They might get there before the 7 minute cut off. Maybe not. So I'll assume that there is some substance behind the hot air. I don't care about your Board. I might be interested in the point you are trying to make, if you'd just make it.

Mud Puppy is the beta service for creative authoring around your transactional mail cross-selling. This might be original. I don't know if we really care. Its like trying to put an advert on a check /cheque. The thing is going away. Do I really want to keep on flogging that dead horse?

I suppose as we must keep paper statements for a while, adding a little marketing value to them might be interesting.

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