Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finovate: Bobber

How do we engage and excite teens around money management.

"View this through the lens of a teenager". Or we can teach our kids how to be responsible with their money at some stage in their lives.

OK, so a command center and a games engine. Its like playing with Dad's money, but its your own. This game engine give a teen challenges around their money lives. Great for parents that don't really want to participate in their kid's development and would rather sit them in front of a screen and hope that the Sesame Street of 2010 do it for them.

This isn't a ding on the site, which is pretty clever, slick and game like. Though I do wonder at what age that kids will believe this is 'for kids', when they are instead starting to feel like they are young adults.

The points you win on Bobber's game engine is actually converted into discounts on Best Buy and so on. The company also matches charitable donations through the site. Fun and engaging straight after lunch! Scary too

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