Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finovate: Visa

Highly scripted presentation from Visa. RightClick as webapp and plugin. You get the ability to prepare an online wishlist for the stuff you want to buy from across the web. You can then quickly and securely populate and pay for these items.

Rightclick grabs info from merchants' sites. But really, do we need so many different terms Visa? Rightclick, Wishspace, Clusters? We are going to have to learn your lingo to use your product. Brand the product, sure, but then speak common English for the rest of what you do.

So I'm in my Wishspace, I've bookmarked a camera I want to buy, then I click it and jump back to the store. Delicious, have you thought about bookmarking products. Wow, innovative!! (sarcasm alert).

And then it can populate payment info back on the real merchant's site. And I can pay with Mastercard.

I don't get the value to me, or how it encourages vendors to work with them on it.

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