Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finovate: Smart Credit

Jean Chatzky back with another dot com. Smart Credit is taking new look at the credit rating issue for consumers.

The smart credit report turns the credit report horizontal, making it easier to read(?). Basically you can drill down through your credit report to the credit card companies. You can communicate with the creditors directly through the website, without knowing your account numbers. I lost my card, I have a question, etc

The Jean Chatzky Scorebuilder application. Nothing like a brand built around a person. But anyway. The site cleans up the credit report and highlights what is helping and hurting their scores through simple actions. The site guides you to reach a credit score goal.

The consumer is guided with simple actions, prepopulated language for getting problems fixed that can be sent straight to the creditor. This streamlines the evaluation for the creditor while helping the consumer making it easier.

This can be white labelled for FIs as well, helping banks encourage customers to improve their score so you can take more business

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