Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm here at Finovate Spring 2010. All my company allegiances are dropped for the day (trust me, I'm good at suddenly becoming independent, as my clients routinely demand it of me). I'm here to watch some companies demo their finest products to a hopefully receptive audience. I'm on the side of the presenter, as I know how hard (and incredibly stressful) it can be to pull off a great demo. It demands a show with a well rehearsed script, a great story, and a well behaved cast. Unfortunately, software demos can be like working with children and animals - ready to act up at the worst moment. So, good luck presenters, good luck companies, and if I sound a little bit down on your demo, its only because I'm jetlagged, coming out of my own big presentation before jumping on a plane out to San Fran. So please impress me and your audience, and everybody will be happy.

Phil Ayres - Blogging live from FinovateSpring 2010

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