Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finovate: pageOnce

The largest personal finance. in the US. 2million members.

Another mobile iPhone presentation. page once is the best service for managing your money on your iPhone. Uses the iPhone Simulator to show how he can manage his cash, his credit card statements, and brokerage account. ALl bank and credit cards and investments across all major FIs.

New service today: all bills can be seen online as well. Pay your cable bill from your brokerage account? The flexibility sounds great, but the tax implications kinda scare me when you start liquidating stock without really thinking.

They notify you of bills, in one place. The stuff that BoA still can't do well, so why can these guys do it? I bet there are limitations.

NEW! Money saving engine, offering valuable promotions. Quick pitch. Advertizing to 2 mill customers.

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