Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finovate: Backbase

How to engage your online banking customers. Enterprise portal application, not personal finance management, not a packaged online banking app. They are trying to get banks to spend money on a better customer experience through the current portal they have in place.

The value is improving customer experience through their toolkit of stuff. The backbase next generation portal apparently wont displace the online portal a bank has in place already. It will supplement them. And it uses pretty AJAX and nice pretty web styling to make things smooth and float around when you click or drag them. Perfect for the finger tap world of the iPad. Oooh another iPad app.

The demo appears to be making my bank online site into my iGoogle home page, adding content that is interesting to me (e.g. financial news). I think banks might be forgetting that I don't want them to be my home page, just to securely process my transactiosn.

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