Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finovate: WorkLight

The challenges of mobiles: the lockin of having to develop apps for every mobile is complex. How do you keep costs under control with the Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry etc.

These guys can help you develop a secure app once and distribute it across many types of devices. Not really sure how that is going to get past the Apple new licensing terms for iPhone and iPad which limits development tools that don't run Objective C.

Unfortunately you don't have the nice Apple look to iPhone apps, despite what the presenter is claiming.

Blackberry is not there yet.

I like being able to break the boundaries of different devices, though I'm not sure if they can do it.

Here we are going, with another downloadable mobile banking app for your PC. We need these (I talked about this lots) though I'm not sure yet if we are really ready for consumers to be downloading without thinking. At least Apple controls their environment so heavily.

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