Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finovate: Continuity Control

A compliance platform for small banks and credit unions.

A bank can go to the 'app store' to get a view of partners that really know compliance and offer apps that can be easily acquired. You buy your app 'template' from the store and start using it.

You get instant access to your list of simple instructions, checklists, and so on. All with similar usage. These tools simplify the compliance process, make it repeatable and give you oversight. They go for 'trust but verify'. The simplicity of it helps tracking, in a simple checklist, using the best practices of proven partners.

The small FIs now can benefit from templates. And as things change over time, so do their apps. Do you want to build and app and help out the industry (and make some money)? Be part of building a de facto standard for compliance.

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