Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finovate: YAP

4 billion mobile phones and 1 billion with access to a bank account in the world. How can you send gifts and money abroad? A universal global gift card is the answer, sent from your mobile, to your brother or cousin in Mexico.

On an iPhone I enter who the gift card is going to, who it is from. What amount. And a short message. Enter your credit card details (again, why do I not have an account for this?). Now anybody can do this. The recipient does not need a bank account.

To claim your card on iphone its there. If not, go to a website, agree by an SMS that you are going to redeem the give card, and you have the gift card.

What happens, you get a virtual mastercard. Can be used anywhere where the card doesn't have to be present so you don't need a bank account or a reliable mail system.

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