Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finovate: RiskKey


According to the presenter and the audience interaction.

RiskKey - how to simplify compliance. Templates for different compliance projects, such as a risk assessment project for Bank Secrecy Act. Pick up templates from the available templates and kick off a project. How do I setup a project and track its progress?

How do i do a risk assessment? Drag the risk sliders. Easy - done!

The auditors get access and can add notes. The items they pick up are highlighted to managers to ensure stuff is not missed when the examiners come in.

NEW - enterprise dashboard for compliance and how do I match up against my different categories of risk. How does my risk index (RDex) match across the categories that I had planned/ Now compare yourself against the rest of the industry.

1 Easy

2 Removing confusion

3 Make compliance 'not suck'

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