Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finovate: blippy

I can share the purchases I make to blippy, For example from Zappos. I can publish automatically, or select what I do and don't share. I can share the cost if I like. Or not. According to the presenter finovate stands for f^&%&^% innovate. A quote there, I'm sure.

Blippy is aiming to help people build apps with an API. Imagine an app that tells you all the recipes you can make based on items in your fridge. Imagine a customer loyalty app that scans you stream and says you have bought 9 coffees at Sbucks, they could offer you a free cup when you come back. I think there may be some value, though showing off the Adidas shoes I bought last week seems to be only for the most vain.

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