Monday, January 12, 2009

Changing to Twitter

Microblogging is apparently THE way to communicate and share discussions. Twitter, really little more than a central site for publishing and tracking SMS-style messages, is the great enabler in this. So if you are as tired of reading huge long blog posts as it seems I am of writing them, feel free to follow me on Twitter:

The name change is there as I'd like to broaden my discussions. My work world for a while was finserv solutions and pure IT. In blogging, I realized there is a lot more that interests me to chat about, so Improving It (or IT) gives me a little more freedom to discuss the issues that affect all of us in business and life - from technology, IT and green issues, to the whole human race just getting-along. And I hope that Twitter makes the discussion a lot more interactive (its hard to write an uninteractive diatribe in 160 characters).

I may post here from time to time, though I'd really like it if you chose to follow me on Twitter and join the disussion. The RSS feed is linked at the bottom of this page:

Thanks for reading and I hope you can follow me on Twitter!

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