Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finovate: Expensify

Handle expense reports with some humor and a new iPad app. There is an integration with QuickBooks.

The strength has moved from allowing people to submit expenses electronically, to the manager to be able to track expenses that have been submitted and get analytics around them.

They import data from the credit card information. You start to get access to the merchant data. Which hotel chain is getting our money? Now we can negotiate with vendors, not just telling our employees to stop going to the W. Now let's compare Bob against the other employees.

Finally, we onto corporate fraud. Let's slip in cash expenses that are made up. Maybe Cathy takes taxis as well as renting cars. You can start to look around your data a lot more easily than you could previously.

Save money, cut fraud and do everything great! Expensify can help the employee, the manager, the accountant. Simple, real time solutions that just work. Love it.

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