Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finovate: eBill

Small business bill payment electronically. 250M in payments processed last year.

Control bill payments through email. Vendors send bills to you directly = no paper

Everything is synched with quickbooks, so you don't have to reenter a bunch of data.

I get to track my payments, see cleared checks/cheques and overall save time and effort around bill approvals and payment. You can apply credits from your vendors. Reviews and approvals work nice and cleanly. Of course, throw in the iPhone/iPad words because I have to always do this stuff when I'm on the road.

LinkedIn approach to inviting vendors to join you for payment. The vendors maintain their bank info in the system, less hassle for you.No merchant fees for them.

Invoices impiorted from quickbooks allow you to send quick reminders with a single click.

Payments coming to you go straight into your bank account. Integrating accounting system. Efficiency for small business

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