Monday, January 10, 2011

Reviewing how to keep customers and prospects engaged

What a challenge it can be for small businesses to find new customers. I know, as I have to struggle with it, just like everybody else. So after all the effort of getting people interested in your products or services, keeping them interested is essential, and equally tricky. Over the next few weeks I'm going to review a tool that claims to help: email marketing.

I recently signed up for a 60-day free trial with Constant Contact, to see if email marketing is a valuable supplement to my other efforts to keep customers interested in what Consected offers, and how we can work together in the future. Can an email newsletter every few weeks work better for me than this blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc...? I think there may be a chance, since this blog is a broadcast and despite my best efforts to generate some discussion, frankly I have no idea who reads it, when or why. An email, with equally valuable content, but aimed at my customers and contacts seems surprisingly more personal.

So I will confess at this point that my wife works for Constant Contact. That's why I picked them over services. I'm a technology guy at heart, so I might have enjoyed tinkering with other options out there, and would probably have wasted loads of time. But what I need is the support that Constant Contact touts, around supporting small businesses in understanding what email marketing is, how to create effective content, and just how to use this "email is sexy again" approach to keeping in contact with customers.

For small businesses out there who are interested in my experiences, which I promise to keep fair and balanced, please sign up for this blog's RSS feed or the email, and I look forward to hearing your comments and experiences too.

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