Friday, January 07, 2011

A refreshingly honest acquisition message

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Some of you may have heard of DimDim - a free alternative to WebEx and GoToMeeting type web conference services. I have used it myself, as it made sense for the limited screen sharing requirements I had. Well, DimDim has announced that it will be acquired by [CRM], in a surprisingly blunt email message sent out yesterday:

Dear Customer:
Dimdim has been acquired by free Dimdim account will remain active until March 15, 2011. After that date, you will no longer be able to access your free Dimdim account.
Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for additional information.
We appreciate your understanding, and we thank you!
I understand that free is free and therefore nobody really has any obligations either way. It is kind of refreshing to not hear the regular corporate language that DimDim's customers are the most important thing, and that everybody will be embraced and adored so maybe a few more people will be signed up into the Salesforce services. Salesforce obviously wants the on-screen collaboration technology to accompany its Chatter capabilities, not the probably fairly minimal paid subscriber-base that DimDim has acquired.

To DimDim - thanks for your free service. It has been useful and helped set expectations at WebEx that no small business is going to pay $30 a month for something they use very occasionally. Good luck making the technology an integral part of the Salesforce collaboration set. And even better, thanks for not blowing smoke and telling us customers how wonderful we are, when we all know that we were just a tool to you guys making some big money on an acquisition! 

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