Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Telling the world

I'm very excited and proud to see one of the products I manage being announced to the world. G360 Case Manager was released for our customer base at the end of last year and this announcement makes it generally available.
G360 Case Manager combines the capabilities of BPM and optimization tools, collaborative content and records management applications into a single solution that helps organizations meet business goals for core business processes.
G360 Case Manager is the only solution that integrates BPM, records management and collaborative content management technologies into a unified service-oriented platform for organizations looking to eliminate the costs of integration and long-term maintenance of independent applications.

As I have said before, thanks to the incredibly professional R&D team that continue to drive this product forward. The 10.0 version just announced is based on a huge amount of knowledge and experience in the process and content arena, backed up with constant customer input, so its architecture, technology and deployed business use cases are the best on the market.

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