Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone!

At the end of last year my blogging activity was low, while I concentrated on shepherding a major release of Global 360's Case Manager software through from development and QA to the light of day.

With the mechanics of the release complete, the outbound launch (i.e. marketing!) is in the works. This is a large and ongoing task, since the product has been hidden behind a veil of BPM and process optimization talk for a while, meaning that I need to work on gently exposing its incredibleness to the outside world. So I'm going to leak my own little announcement, so that soon I can get on with blogging about some stuff that is not about my day to day job.

G360 Case Manager 10.0 Is Available!

Large organizations need Business Process Management to improve their specific business operations, while being flexible enough to adapt to changing requirements and still ensure process discipline. To achieve this, G360 Case Manager accelerates the deployment of information-centric BPM applications with out-of-the-box process, content and case management capabilities.

The release of G360 Case Manager 10.0 represents a milestone in collaborative end-user functionality, Business Process Management completeness, IT enterprise management, and support for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

See How G360 Case Manager 10.0 can help deliver business flexibility aligned with IT requirements. Visit the Global 360 corporate website.

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