Friday, January 19, 2007

BPM: those who use it "because"

If you like reading a good 'rant' now and again, here is a good one on BPM, SOA and how some vendors push this at non critical processes that will never deliver an ROI. In this article Terry Schurter on makes this statement:
For starters, BPM software is being applied by more people with little (if any) value creation to the business far more often than it is where real value is created. The results from the application of BPM software falls into three categories; those that use it “because”, those who use it for non-essential support processes and those that apply it to core processes of the enterprise. Only the latter category is producing any real value to the organization – and (unfortunately) this is the smallest category (although the good side is that there are many great examples of real value creation in this category!).

I'm happy to say that I know which of these categories I am working in. Long ago in my past I tried selling software fluff to companies that fall for the buzz, and i have to say that I didn't enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

I'm in category one and I'm proud!

Phil Ayres said...

Not proud enough to give your name though! ;)