Friday, September 01, 2006

Blog hiatus and mashup

Those of you who click through from your feedreaders into these blog pages may notice that there have been a few changes.

First, I have added Trackback using Haloscan - you should be able to ping a post's trackback URL found by clicking the link (a popup) at the end of the post. The standard Blogspot links remain as well for the Blogger users.

Second, I hacked a script by Matt on the Random Thoughts blog to retrieve this blog's Technorati tag cloud (see right menu). Sort of in lieu of categories really. Since I don't have control of Blogger, I'm running the PHP for this on a hosted server, hidden away somewhere, and plugging it into Blogger as a chunk of javascript. Let me know if its useful, or if it just fails to work - I'll save the bandwidth!. Matt, nice work on the script!

Finally, you'll notice a little break in my blogging - I'm heading back to the UK for a vacation and a friend's wedding. Should be back full force in just over a week (assuming my precarious visa situation let's me back into the US). So don't run away. And if you want to make sure you catch up with my writing as soon as I return, subscribe now by clicking this icon and selecting your preferred feed reader:

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Stephan A. said...


messed around integrating a tagcloud from my standard-Wordpress-Blog on a website. Inspired by your post I tried to "hack" the mentioned PHP but I not so fit in PHP and got stuck :-(
Would you mind sending me your piece of code?
Thx in advance

Phil Ayres said...

Hi Stephan,

Thanks for reading my blog.

I removed this code from my site a while ago. It unfortunately had a bug that made it consume huge amounts of bandwidth on my hosted server. This caused the website and blog to be disabled, so I deleted the offending code to make sure it could not run again.

Sorry I can't help you with this.