Wednesday, July 13, 2011

QR Codes - a survey of what works

I was just pointed to this interesting survey about how effective different QR Codes are, by QR Mediacodes. The questions asked were pretty straightforward, and although the results are not entirely surprising, they do provide us some reminders of what works better in mobile marketing.

The questions they asked were:

  1. Have you ever seen or heard of a QR Code? (75% YES)
  2. Which QR Code catches your eye? (79% the colorful, attractive looking one)
  3. Which QR Code would you be more inclined to scan? (73% the colorful, attractive looking one)
  4. Have you ever scanned a QR Code?  (37% YES)
  5. Did you find the scan useful? (96% YES)
  6. Would you scan a QR Code again? (98% YES)
So, there could be some importance in making your QR Code stand out from the crowd as QR Codes become more prevalent. But as a scientific survey, I would rather see a test of what the scanning rate is for the pretty versus the plain QR Code is when they are not seen side-by-side but standalone. That is what really matters right now: will people scan your QR Code at all and is the information they land on valuable

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