Monday, June 27, 2011

Why do I need a mobile website?

I've been doing a lot with mobile websites and QR Code recently. Putting together a service to help people publish mobile friendly pages and actually designing and hosting whole websites. So, when I was asked today, why a company might need a mobile website, a quick list came to mind of the businesses that can use them and why:
  • Restaurants - menu, location, weekly deals
  • Bars - location, drink specials, two for ones, history
  • Wine cellar - QR coded bottles or shelf labels, linking to tasting notes and region details
  • Food supplements and vitamin - videos that show why they're different, every product has a QR code
  • Construction supplies - QR codes on specialized items, so people can identify them when they are on the construction site
  • Car dealerships - QR code on every windshield - get more details about the car without a pushy salesman
  • Real Estate agents /  Realtors - QR code for every home - on the For Sale sign and in the advert in the advertising and mailings
  • Direct mail advertising - put QR codes on the stuff that falls through the letterbox to get people into your site more easily - even better, completely personalise the post so there is a QR code for every person and a dynamically generated landing page (this is a premium offering!)
  • Insurance broker - general information, different lines of business
  • Party supplies wholesale/retail - different products offered
Anything that can be marked with a QR code or you can think of where a page could help get people interested is a good target. The aim of a mobile website is to do several thing:

  1. make a link between a paper advert and more information online - space in you advert cost money - on your website it costs 'nothing'
  2. get people engaged when they are on the move - help them remember you exist when they get home by getting them interested in your product and signed up for a newsletter
  3. help people find you when they are local and looking for a service like yours 

If you can think of a time when people could benefit from more information, that's probably a good time to offer them a mobile website!

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