Friday, February 02, 2007

ECM, BPM and solving business problems

It seems that I'm leaching off Bruce Silver's great BPMS Watch blog for a second day in a row. Today I see he is generating some great discussion around the intersection of ECM and BPM.

There is always heated discussion in this area, and I believe that ECM (according to a Gartner MQ) is too broad to be palatable to many, while BPMS gets very deep. This is the natural evolution of putting products into boxes (or better said categories). The problem is that there are great software tools and suites out there that sit largely between the two magic quadrants, or Forrester Waves, that consistently and effectively address burning business problems, like how to do new account opening, fraud resolution and HR employee onboarding better.

This type of software picks up titles like Case Management, which is not broadly enough recognized to be a true market space. The thing is they need some tag to ensure they aren't just considered point solutions to a single business problem, which would be limiting to their success. Perhaps Case Management is a good term for 'one' intersection of BPM & ECM, even if its not the only one.

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