Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm a Digital Teenager

Have you ever wondered how you rank alongside your peers for your tech-savvy, your use of social media, texting and so on? You can admit it, its okay to be competitive...

Colin Henderson on The Bankwatch pointed out an interesting enough Digital Age survey by Wells Fargo, that pegs your 'digital age' based on the responses you give to a survey. As the title of this post suggests, I'm a digital teenager, willing to try out new things but suffering the growing pains of getting aquainted with the new things I can do. I apparently feel tech overload at times (which if you see my Twitter feeds, you'll understand why). I certainly won't be trying the Text Banking suggested at the end of the survey to manage my finances - that I fear is designed for real teenagers who want to know if they have 18 bucks or 22 bucks in their bank account, to make it worth heading to the ATM.

Finextra has the summary of the survey results and a link so you can try it yourself.

Maybe you can show a little more digital maturity than me (or maybe less is better!).

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