Thursday, December 21, 2006

Exposed as a blogger

And this is why any blogger should follow essential rule "would I cringe if my mother read it?": yesterday I had the pleasure of having this blog passed by email to a group of colleagues. I have been exposed as a blogger amongst my peers!

The whistle-blower? A blogging colleague, David Rudolph on Good Karma for Enterprise Software. And his is a nice blog too, talking about a range of enterprise software issues.

So, thanks David! Now I have to be less careful about making my mother cringe and more about a Global 360 salesman asking me whether our products have all the things I talk about in this blog. Of course, standard smallprint still applies: "None of the views expressed here represent those of my employer, they are mine alone.". In short, unless I state it directly, my colleagues should not infer the existence of anything in Global 360 products from my blog. That's why we have sales collateral, and very soon new website content that I'm writing between sips of coffee!

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