Sunday, October 08, 2006

Welcome to a new era

Things have been a little quiet for me on the blog scene as I've been trying to get myself together. I resigned my post at Vignette as a Solutions Architect last Wednesday. I had been part of the company since March 2004 when Vignette completed its acquisition of Tower Technology. I met some great people and worked on some interesting projects while I was there. As much as I was enjoying the challenge of working in the Industry Solutions group in the company, the innovation and excitement of the key solutions I had focused on had passed. It was time for a new challenge and my final day was Friday. The company has some great technology and talent and I wish everyone luck in the future.

Fortunately, I have been talking about an opportunity with a company outside Vignette since early July. After a long haul with visa applications, and a huge amount of patience demonstrated by the company (especially Ben Cody and Steve McDonald), I will be starting as Director of Product Management for Global 360 on Wednesday. I'm extremely excited to get myself fully embedded in pureplay BPM (something Vignette was lacking) while being able to leverage my experience in ECM and case management.

This is going to be an great new challenge for me, and so far Global 360 has lived up to their reputation and desire to be a great company to work for even before I get going. I know that they have seen a lot of change over the last few years and so I'm looking forward to driving further change and growth.

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Phil Ayres said...

Thanks James. Its going to be fun working with real BPM again - its been a while for me. As for blogging, I have my fingers crossed!