Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Improving New Account Opening - Welcome!

Welcome to this new blog where I'll discuss the rapidly evolving topic of New Account Opening for the financial services industry. Here I'm hoping to address the key issues around the processing of new business applications, straight through processing (STP), online transactions, electronic signatures, ensuring accuracy and compliance, and all related items.

As you can see from my profile, my role at Vignette Corp. is Principle Solution Architect for Industry Solutions. Having spent over 10 years in enterprise software for business process improvement, with a real focus on addressing business problems, rather than developing yet another software 'tool', I believe I have some valuable experience to share. As Steve Johnson, a great instructor for Pragmatic Marketing often says about product management - 'your opinion, although interesting, is irrelevant'. I hope my opinions reflect the view of a broader market, not just my own rants, raves, and whines.

Despite my role in Vignette, the opinions expressed here are all my own and not those of the company. For information on what Vignette offers and its official messaging, visit the website at http://www.vignette.com

That's the official piece out of the way. Enjoy the postings...



Anonymous said...

Phil, can you tell me what distinguishes Vignette's content management delivery mechanisms from those of Interwoven or Documentum?
I've read that Vignette's delivery capabilities are far more context-relevant and flexible, but not sure what the cause for this is and what the technical underpinning is. Can you provide some color here?

Thank you.

Phil Ayres said...

Dear anonymous,

I no longer work for Vignette, therefore I'm not the most appropriate person to comment on that distinguishes their products from their competitors. They have a broad suite that can leverage web content management with portal and backed up by backoffice collaboration, document and records management. Its probably best that you hit www.vignette.com to get more information and contact a real Vignette-r .

Anonymous said...
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